Web Presence

We build your complete web presence, making sure you are seen – and look great – on all the places that online users search, surf, and socialize online!

Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising solutions optimize your ad campaigns so that you get – and stay – in front of the consumers who are most likely to buy.

Strategy and Training

We’re hands-on. We take into heart your business operations and products. We keep your goals in mind and engage with you regularly for all possible online strategies we deem fit. Our packages include training and documentations to enable you to monitor your business’ online performance.


We have been managing several online business for over a decade. Now we also want to share what we know to enable more people to do more of what they love doing and more small business owners to tap the larger online market. For us – it is philosophy in action: independence + creativity + critical thinking + discipline + commitment.We’ve also organised a small team of hardworking and skilled individuals to help us help more business owners should they need additional assistance.

We provide affordable, integrated online marketing solutions to small businesses:
Business Consulting / Marketing Strategy – Start-Up Online Business or Small to Medium-sized companies
Google Adwords Management Services
Project Management – Digital Projects
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
One-on-one and small group web marketing trainings
Data Analysis (Six Sigma | Customer Data | User Behaviour | Web Traffic)

We are a small organization dedicated to promote entrepreneurship and value-based marketing concepts. We advocate TRUTH MARKETING in ecommerce and digital strategies. We attempt to assist young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and small business owners in conceptualizing, creating, promoting and selling their products and services online.

Web Marketing NZ was founded in 2011 by LeahVillanuevaDG, a passionate advocate for Truth in Digital Media and Online Marketing Services. She started selling online at 22 in 2002.  Now, she manages a small group of people and works with different businesses globally to bring innovative, high quality products and services worldwide.

1. Integrity

We believe that a sustainable business should be aligned with a vision that is consistent with skills of the organization, the demands of the market and the goals of the business owners. This is strategic integrity.

We believe that operational and marketing integrity involves consistent values provided by the product being sold and its promotion.

We believe that ethical business practices, respectful business relationships and value-based decision making would make a business owner sustain and profit from his business.
2. Innovation

We believe that ideas give birth to action; carefully thought of ideas will bring forth carefully considered actions; great ideas came from experience and knowledge and most of all from a “way of thinking”.

3. Information

We believe that the best contribution to society we can offer is to provide a well-researched, carefully considered and well-analyzed information — a channel of free but valuable education.

Our mission statement

To promote TRUTH in marketing and e-commerce.

Contact us at support @ webmarketingnz com

Local Phone # 09 889 8515

Cellphone # 027 460 2555